Ten Project Types

How does one categorise projects? Well, one way is according to the product the project is producing.

Here are some project types, based on the product type:

  1. Administrative Projects
    E.g. – Updating a client contact database
  2. Construction Projects
    E.g. – Constructing a road, building or railroad
  3. Computer Software Development
    E.g. – Designing and coding a new computer or smartphone application
  4. Design Projects
    E.g. – Architectural or Engineering designs
  5. Equipment or System Implementation Projects
    E.g. – Implementing a new factory machine or computer software application
  6. Event Projects
    E.g. – Planning and executing a successful event such as a world cup final or music concert
  7. Maintenance Projects
    E.g. – Chemical plant maintenance shut-down
  8. Product Development Projects
    E.g. – Development of new products such as a new electronic gadget or fabrication tool
  9. Research Project
    E.g. – Research of a new technology or medicine
  10. Implementation Projects
    E.g. – Implementation of a new computer application or business process
  11. Other…
    Feel free to add some we have missed, or sending us some examples of interesting projects.

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